Concert Policies & Procedures

Performers can choose up to 2 songs!
(Two Solos, Both with a Full Band or one as a Solo & one with a Full Band)

We Require 2 Rehearsals per Full Band Song.
(Before the Concert on 06/13/2020)

Band Rehearsals will cost $15/half hr.
(Fees are waived after exceeding 6 Rehearsals)

Rehearsals will be held from late April til.
(First on 04/25/2020. Last on 06/07/2020)

Schedules will be organized on google calendar.
(Please contact Will with any questions)

Deadline to Signup is 04/11/2020

    Performer's Instrument of Choice?*

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    Solo or Full Band? (required)

    Does Saturday or Sunday work better for Rehearsals?*

    Clicking Send confirms that you agree with the Above Policies/Procedures & the Commitment that comes with. All No Shows will be subject to $15.00 fee